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St. Regis Bloody Mary Mix



The St. Regis "Red Snappe" Bloody Mary cocktail is, like its namesake, steeped in history and defined by its opulent taste and has been a mainstay morning after cure for eight decades of St. Regis revelers around the world, from Bal Harbour to Beijing and from Aspen to Abu Dhabi.

This bottle contains a delightfully devilish distillation of Petiot's original recipe, concocted by the artisanal craftsmen at Arrowhead Farms.

Pair with The Bloody Mary Book to create a perfect gift.

25 oz

Makes 6-8 cocktails


With Jason Wu, one of the world's most celebrated fashion designers, as the second St. Regis Connoisseur, the brand invites its discerning guests into a new generation of beyond expectation fashion experiences across the world. A shared passion for modern luxury and effortless elegance make Wu the perfect ambassador of taste and style.

Akin to St. Regis founding patron John Jacob Astor IV, who required unrivaled standards of excellence in his New York flagship over one hundred years ago, Wu's selection of the finest materials inspired by his travel experiences have brought Astor's vision into the future. Following in the footsteps of early nineteenth century elite who traveled to the great cities of the world on frequent grand tours, today's need for cultural explorations in faraway destinations has come to life in the modern age with Wu's own personal journey. His recent grand tour to cherished destinations across the globe inspired the creation of The Grand Tourista Bag exclusively for the St. Regis brand.

This functional, yet stylish, tote reintroduces glamour and romance to travel and offers an elegant accessory for the new generation of global travelers.

"Inspired by my journeys around the world, I've designed The Grand Tourista Bag exclusively for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts and a new generation of global, stylish travelers like you. This chic and timeless accessory is the perfect travel companion to accompany you and your carry-on travel pieces from one St. Regis hotel to the next. Bon Voyage and happy travels!"

Jason Wu